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Welcome to our page!

We are a group for making and providing bondage materials.

Fans of the game and fans of bondage are always welcome here!

Miss out on the latest version of the game? Click Here for Version 1.0.5

Want to help support us? We have a Patreon! We are currently 2/3 of the way to the Sinkhole! A special multi-dimensional dungeon side mission!

We are currently looking for voice actors for the game! If you are interested in becoming a voice actor send a note to thelovelybinds.

Want to be a contributor? Fan Featured and Fan Fictions are open to everyone! Post anything you like! We will move things around if needed.

Love you all!

What do you guys think of the new quest log mechanic? 

74 deviants said I like it! It'll help out in later game for sure!
13 deviants said Meh, it's okay.
2 deviants said You wasted time on this? why?
More Journal Entries

To those who are interested in being our voice actor, the parts that you will be playing will mostly be female. more then likely a gag will be involved. There are some male acting parts but not many. 

36 deviants said I think I will pass on this one.
13 deviants said I am still interested!

abduction-academy.deviantart.c… <--- The direct continuation of the last adventure 

20 deviants said "Geez!" Try to jump backwards onto your ass
20 deviants said "Aaaaah!" Jump forward.
12 deviants said "Crap!" Jump as high as you can.
11 deviants said "Shit!" Drop flat on your belly.

Random from Featured

Tharja captured :iconlostonezero:lostonezero 1,355 75 Mist Fire Emblem :icondidgamer:DIDgamer 188 35 Kristina and Maike bound and gagged :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 213 7 Lasya taped up and gagged :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 129 3 Shantae on knees tied up. :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 378 17 [COMMISSION] - Captive Siren :iconotunodulp:otunodulp 343 9 Commission 20: Elise and Sakura in Dungeon :icondragon-burst:Dragon-Burst 866 55 Rosalina bound and gagged :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 722 10 Lady Palutena in underwear bound and gagged OTM :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 519 9 Camilla, Corrin and Elise Bound and Gagged -Commis :icongaggeddude32:gaggeddude32 532 25 Shantae tied up and gagged. :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 615 16 Shantae's gags :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 169 10 Sheena bound and gagged :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 349 7 Kristina tied up and gagged. :icontheropebaron:TheRopeBaron 209 7 Hinoka,Azura and Sakura OTN Gagged-Commisssion :icongaggeddude32:gaggeddude32 349 19 OC Lucy playing with Alice -Commission :icongaggeddude32:gaggeddude32 113 4
Awesome bondage by awesome people! Feel free to add awesome pictures when you come by them!

Countdown to AA Limited Time Merchindise!!!!!

Countdown ended
Wednesday, November 16th @ 12:00pm

We apologize. You have missed the date for the AA merchandise. Hopefully enough people wanted merchandise so we can get more for you all.


Group Info

This is a group dedicated to the Kidnapping/BDSM game Abduction Academy, currently being worked on by Kaatryn. Players kidnap girls, can tease and play with them and learn abilities as you fight against tyranny and chaos in the world.
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Until May 6, 2017

Founded 1 Year ago
Apr 22, 2016


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These are the amazing people helping to build these games! If you want to help get in contact with one of these people!





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Allsmiles98311 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2017
 (Hello. As an interested viewer who has played the stated latest version, I have some feedback based on my experience with the game. I am aware that you may be aware, but in case you're not aware or even in case it helps to lead to new ideas, I will be sharing it.

 Firstly, backstory, understanding of why I'm there, and the like are all not yet fleshed out yet, so I don't really connect with my character. I get that this is still early so it's not exactly an immediate concern, however it's something to be aware of. And while I enjoy the ability to define personality types of the character before starting, I don't really feel like it had any impact. I know I did not get dual daggers, for example. Again, very early, however the more I can make the character my own, the more I'll enjoy them.

 Second, character conversation. The banter is a good start, while there hasn't been an opportunity for a serious or in-depth conversation with other characters, there's some nice humor and friendliness present in the dialogue between characters who will, hopefully, be recurring. It's a good start to characterization and moves things in the right direction.

 Third, artwork, very nice, I approve greatly. Not much more to say here, I'm no artist, but the visual stylings are sexy and bright enough to draw me well.

 Fourth, the actual first mission... I apologize in advance for how critical this is going to be. It needs more meat on it's bones, and is in need of better balancing. Probably not easy to go back and add in content or rebalance the fighting, however as it is now, it is very basic and... well, I don't feel like I'm sneaking through a bandit camp. The bandits are complete non-factor after you tie up Chloe. I don't even know why Sylvaria has them. And then you just wind up collecting wood and tar for the carpenter, so there's one combat, then a 'fetch' mission. And the part where the leader is in a part over a bridge that isn't repaired in the first place is... well, logically strange. And then the actual boss fight is too difficult for a first time fight, and as it's structured, it really is the first 'actual' fight you have. Either the character, your girl, needs to be stronger, the enemy needs to be weaker, or, there needs to be more health potions to use. Personally I believe that third one would allow the player to enjoy the victory without cheapening the opponent, however that's just me. And the enemy A.I. needs to be better, ironically, even as I say the fight needs to be easier. At one point, she was just attempting to subdue me over and over after I'd healed up from Weakened status.

 I'm afraid that all in all, the mission isn't really structured soundly as it is now.

 My personal suggestion is to treat the difficulty of traversing through a bandit camp to an enemy leader's position with more respect. Chloe guarding is a good start, and tying her up is also good. However why does she have a spare uniform on her? A full person's spare uniform that you don't even strip off of her?

 I believe that it would be best to arrange it like this. Nix that spare uniform from her, and just tie her up, remark that she's cute, and have the protagonist thinking she should keep her. Then, getting into the camp, perhaps see an overview, back and forward, of a fairly large bandit camp, and then have the thought that she can't take them all on, and needs to sneak through.

 Then, she can raid the tents, and actually enter them. In one of them, she may find another female bandit, perhaps changing, but not one she feels as attracted to (but may appear later on). She needs to beat and subdue that bandit in combat, and steal her uniform, leaving her in her underwear or less, and perhaps hiding her. Then she gets out and can move through the bandit camp disguised as one of them, and enter tents to collect loot and steal their items. This could be a source of potions, gold, and perhaps some interesting sights, like bound captives from villages, or the like, and potentially choices of morality for the player to make.

 As for the bridge... I'm questioning if the carpentry problem even needs to be there. It makes... less than an entirely logical amount of sense. However, if, for example, a 'tree' was drawn as having fallen onto a pathway blocking, onto a bridge and someone, a bandit, was making a big deal of 'this isn't good! We need that OTHER bridge repaired as soon as possible' and then looks at you and says 'you, new girl, go tell the carpenter to hurry up!' and that way it was revealed that there was another way to the big enemy that the bandits thought was broken... well, then your girl could help the carpenter repair THAT bridge, (a female carpenter perhaps) and then subdue them when they moved to tell the bandits that the other way to their leader was fixed while they were still trying to move the tree that had fallen on the first bridge.

 Then, that's a reason why the big bad leader would be all alone with her prey, without even guards outside her door, or the ability to go and call them, when you went to confront her directly.

 And... those are my ideas regarding what I've seen thus far. All in all, I think it's a lovely start with good artwork and lovely ideas, that simply needs a bit of fleshing out and bolstering up. Thank you for reading, and I hope you all have a very lovely day.)
Morizel Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017
Whats up with game? Update will be soon?
(1 Reply)
fumoffu1 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2017
Are there any requirements to join the group?
(1 Reply)
Morizel Featured By Owner Edited Dec 11, 2016
1)There is a bug: while player fight against weakened Yukari or Chloe, he sometimes can't capture them;
2)There will be some additional features, connected with sisters in church?
3)I guess, in future Aria can practice in fight skills with another "soldier" girl and even be captured by her? (Like Suki & Carol in you-know-that-game)
4)I found a typo in end text: "veiw".
(1 Reply)
Morizel Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2016
There is any successes in game developing?
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